May 31st, 2011

Cons: BayCon 2008

BayCon and stuff

I was amused that it took shelleycat at least six or seven hours, possibly a little more, to notice that i left for BayCon wearing one chainmail bracelet but came back wearing two :)

In general BayCon this year was pretty good. It's definitely suffering a little compared to past years (apparently the management has taken a dim view of anime or something and managed to discourage cross-over traffic between BayCon and Fanime) but i still got to see lots of cool people, and meet a couple new very cool people, and collected a moderate amount of stickers, and even if the party scene wasn't as big as it used to be the best party room showed up again and was better than ever :)

So i think BayCon has rekindled my interest in chainmail again. I may order some stuff from the Ring Lord. I need to look around and see if i can find my old kit, though if i want to move up to stainless steel instead of aluminum then i might want to get some better pliers as well.

It's also rekindled my interest in SF cons (i managed to miss BayCon, DragonCon _and_ LosCon last year =P) so i'm definitely strongly considering going to DragonCon. I was also looking at WorldCon, which is in Reno this year. However Reno is far enough away that i'd probably have to fly and get a hotel room, and it's just a couple weeks before DragonCon, and if it came down to just one of the two i'd rather do DragonCon. However i did get a "supporting" membership since i was tipped off by someone at one of the aforementioned cool parties that if you do that, not only do you get to vote for the Hugos, but in order to make your vote an informed one you get ebook copies of all the nominated works :)