May 28th, 2011

Replicants (BGC)

Amazon sale and Google question

Apparently Amazon is doing a memorial day sale on Android 4G phones. If you've been thinking about getting a smartphone or upgrading an old one this might be a good time to do it. I'd be tempted, except i'm (perhaps stupidly) waiting for the Nexus 3 in December.

Also, i turned on Google Latitude for the first time in months, and it had about a half dozen people suggested that i ought to friend (or whatever the operative word is for Latitude.) Most of them are people i wouldn't mind adding _if_ they're already using Latitude, but i don't want to participate in one of those "let's encourage everyone to harass their friends to join our service" schemes. In fact it looks like it might just be a list of the people i chat with on gtalk the most. Does anyone know how such lists are constructed?

Alternately, i suppose this could just serve as a warning, if you see a Google Latitude request from me and you don't use Latitude, please ignore it. It's just Google being evil and tricking me =P