May 23rd, 2011


Not news?

It's quite possible that everyone that cares already knew about it, but apparently you can get Lady Gaga's new album for 99 cents as Amazon's gold box deal for the day.

At a quick glance it seems like it doesn't have as many addictive songs as the previous albums, but it's possible that will change with some re-listening.


I have put together what is probably my most eclectic Amazon order ever.

One pack of eneloop batteries with charger (thank you avani and steuard!) two sets of headphones, one in-line headphone volume control dongle, a USB SD card reader, and a box of chewy Gobstoppers.

I also wanted to get a jar of reese's peanut butter because i was curious after seeing it in a store, but since deciding i actually want to try it i haven't seen it again. Amazon _does_ have it, but only in six jar packs, which is a bit more than i'm willing to invest in on a whim :)

I'm trying to think up something more to get that would make it even more bizarre, but i can't think of anything else that i actually need =P
Games: PC: Red Alert 2

Steam video game sale

If you don't normally check Steam during the middle of the week you might want to do so now. They're doing some kind of Ubisoft sale, which seems to involve one "big" game/series discounted every day plus close to 100 older Ubisoft games that look to be 33% off all week. Today's special is Prince of Persia, 66% off per game, or 75% off of all of them.

I might be tempted to pick up Settlers 7, except that's new enough to have been inflicted with Ubisoft's atrocious DRM =P