May 20th, 2011

Cons: BayCon 2008

Whoops =P

BayCon is next week, and i still haven't decided if i'm going yet, i really ought to get on that =P

For that matter, i haven't thought about DragonCon at all yet either. akiko, kirinn, are you guys still planning on going this year?

I _have_ signed up for AX, and definitely _not_ going to Comic-Con (even if it was possible to get tickets at this point.) I guess the only other one i should try to remember about is LosCon.
Lime Truck

Lime Truck!

So just to avoid any spoilers, i am going to behave for the rest of the filming as if the Lime Truck were still in the Great Food Truck Race, regardless of whether i hear otherwise or not.

What's not a spoiler however is there next location, since the Food Network has issued press releases detailing the locations.

This weekend they're going to be in Memphis, TN. After that they'll be going to Atlanta and Miami. (Presumably next weekend and the weekend after, though the press release doesn't say.)

So if you know of anyone in Memphis, tell them to keep an eye out for food trucks in general and the Lime Truck in particular!

According to some twitters i've seen, all four trucks will be in "Court Sq" today, but just for filming, they won't be selling any food there.

So why is the Lime Truck awesome?

#1 Their food is awesome.

#2 The people running the truck are awesome.

#3 They have an awesome dance. Just watch these videos to see :)
YouKnewThisWasComing (HAL)


Okay, i haven't been paying much attention to the whole end of the world thing, but i just realized this is a rather amusing time to be watching "The Road" :)

(Which, btw, is just about as exactly dark and depressing as it's made out to be. Well, so far at least, but i really don't expect it's going to be getting any happier and cheerier from this point on.)