May 7th, 2011

Lime Truck

Yummy food in Denver!

Anyone who happens to know anyone in Denver, tell them to keep an eye out for the Lime Truck this weekend! Not sure where they're supposed to be today, but they're thinking about showing up at "Great Divide" tomorrow.

This article has speculation about where all the trucks in the Great Food Truck Race will be over the weekend. (Obviously if you're interested in the show and care about such things it has spoilers about who made it past the first two cities.)
Lime Truck

Holy crap! Surprise food truck!

I was looking up food truck stuff last night and found that A: the Lime Truck was going to be at the SoCo Farmer's Market in the late morning/afternoon, and B: BaconMania was going to be somewhere on Beach blvd sometime in the evening. It was a tough call which to do, but Lime Truck had posted about some cool stuff the night before, so i decided to go with them and hope they still had it the next day. Since i didn't think i'd have enough calories for both i didn't even bother looking up exactly where BaconMania was at on Beach.

So we went over to the farmer's market in the "morning," around 11. They did still have most of the newish stuff, so i got a sandwich and pita salad, plus the usual carnitas fries and a drink.They tried to give me the fries and drink for free, but i managed to bargain them down to just the drink :) So after all that all i had the rest of the day was a couple jelly beans and some carrots.

Then around 9 or 9:30 shelleycat suggested we should go for a walk. We walked through the neighborhood next door and then back out to Beach where we stopped at the other local liquor store so she could pick up a Sobe. It was an interesting change from our "usual" liquor store. The usual one is full of crap. The shelves, which are kinda close together, are over packed with stuff, some of which is rather bizarre. shelleycat described it as looking like it was run by a pack-rat/hoarder who couldn't resist buying random stuff and never threw anything out. This other place had glaring bright white lights, widely spaced shelves with everything almost OCD organized, though a lot of the shelves were only half-full or less. It was kind of amusing to note that despite the mad organization when i spot-checked the bottles of mayonnaise they had a "best before" date of August... 2010 :)

But in any case we got the bottle of Sobe and started walking back to the apartment. We walked around the corner and saw a truck in front of us... a food truck-shaped truck... a food truck-shaped truck that said "BaconMania" on it O_O

It was quiet, the truck was completely dark, and no one was in sight. We slowly walked around it and the front door was open and the seat folded up. We kinda peered inside wondering if we were going to find a zombie or something. But then we saw the usual lady inside working on the cash register. (I haven't learned the names of the BaconMania people yet, which i feel bad about since they remember me.) She said they were going to be opening up at 11, but until then they had to park around the corner because the mexican restaurant didn't want them poaching their business. We chatted for a minute or so and then headed back to the apartment.

I think i'm gonna have to give up on my diet for today. Having BaconMania right around the corner is just way too damn convenient :)