March 31st, 2011



Do you know what tomorrow is?

Tomorrow is the day my robot ninja werewolf army will be unleashed upon the world to enforce my dominion upon all mankind! MUHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

If you're at all worried about what your role will be in the new world order, i suggest you just stay away from the internet and all other news outlets all day tomorrow. Clearly the reports of chaos and turmoil that will be pervading such channels wouldn't be good for your nerves.

On a totally "random" note, would tomorrow be an awesome day or a horrible day to have a birthday? It's not like you'd be missing out on presents or anything like having your birthday right around christmas. Perhaps it would result in you either having a great sense of humor or a really rotten one?


OMG! YouTube's 1911 mode is awesome!

Unfortunately at the moment i can only get it to work with Chrome. The button doesn't show up in Firefox or IE at all for me. That wouldn't be too bad, except that i can't get featured videos to play in Chrome, it just sits on a black screen forever because it can't figure out it needs to play the commercial first. (The owners of Chrome really ought to sit down with the owners of YouTube and work this out.)

But here's a (non-featured version) of Wake Up Cat. If you've never seen it before then you should watch the original before turning on 1911 mode. It almost seems like the cat is dancing in time to the music.

For another strangely appropriate video for 1911 mode, see the 1980's Firefly Intro :)

Also also, My Apocalypse Pony :)

(Also already updated based either on GMT or east coast time, ThinkGeek has their usual cool stuff.)

Edit: Also, VGCats, i think the funniest part is actually that he's down to a comic every couple months, but was able to pull something off for this :)

I'm now looking at this list of sites, so i should probably stop pestering everyone about individual cases :)

Edit edit: Okay, i lied, cause coraa totally needs to check this Minecraft link out since she just started playing :)