February 14th, 2011

Steampunk girl with backpack

Busy weekend

I did lots of stuff this weekend, and some of it was even productive!

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At 6:30 we went and met thumbie at Lazy Dog for dinner. She wasn't able to hang out much afterwards but it was nice being able to catch up on stuff over yummy food :)

I spent a lot of the evening reading a random Civ 4 succession game before crashing around 11 or midnight.

I got up early sunday to go by work for a few hours and try to deal with a stupid interop problem and stopped by 7-11 again to pick up some more newspapers (and of course a mocha =)

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Inbetween the coats and for a while after i was done i played a quick game of Civ 4: Beyond the Sword. Reading through the succession game had gotten me curious about all the new stuff. So i decided to try an easy game. A one city challenge on the easiest level, with the "open leaders" or whatever it's called option so i could use Huayna Capac (the Incan leader with Industrious/Financial) with the Dutch civilization (who have the cool Dike improvement.) I wanted to see if it would be possible to get every religion and every wonder myself. It was :) I also made a quick edit to the XML so i could build every national wonder in my one city. It turns out you can't have all the corporations in one city though, which made me kinda sad =P And i'm still not 100% clear on how the corporations work, except that apparently each of them is the rival of one or more others and won't let you found it in the same city. (Really? Detroit says hi.)

I wanted to let the bookshelves sit for awhile longer and make sure they were really dry before setting them up again, so i didn't actually do anything more with them last night. And tonight is Wumpskate so i may not set them back up again until sometime tomorrow, we'll see.

The only important thing about the Grammies

Christopher Tin's Baba Yetu, aka the main theme for Civ4 won a Grammy last night! And he won a Grammy for the album Calling All Dawns which featured Baba Yetu as the lead track. This is the first time a video game theme has won a Grammy, though obviously it had to sneak it's way around as a "real" CD release in order to do it. Still, pretty awesome. When i realized i had just started playing Civ4 again for the first time in months just hours before the Grammies took place i was a little worried that i might jinx it somehow, but no such (bad) luck :) Unfortunately if they showed the award during the broadcast it was after i went to bed at 11 last night =P

Just for fun, here's a video of the song set to some fountains in Dubai (more impressive than it sounds) and a cute parody of the song. And of course if you actually want a copy of the music you can buy it at Christopher Tin's website.