October 31st, 2010


More Civ 5 stuff

Beat the game on Emperor with a single city using Ghandi. It wasn't exactly easy, but it wasn't a huge challenge either. It really seems like there are two "good" ways to beat the game. Doing it with one to three cities (not counting puppets) to get a cultural victory, or military conquest. Getting a science victory is a lot harder than either of those. Diplomatic victory is really easy if you've got a large pile of cash relative to the number of city-states in the game, otherwise it's really hard.

If you want to do anything other than a cultural victory then you can pretty easily skew the game by adopting the new Infinite City Sprawl method, as exemplified by the Diety succession game covered in this CivFanatics thread.

So i decided to try it out for myself, using a large Earth map on Prince difficulty playing as China. China has really awesome abilities, the best non-siege ranged unit in the game i believe, overpowered great generals, and a good improvement to the libraries that you want to be building anyways.

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