October 19th, 2010



Cryoburn is already available on Audible! (I can never remember exactly when they update their catalog, or even if it's at a regular time.)

Just need to finish up 25 minutes of Quicksilver and then i can start in on Cryoburn for the second time :)

Oh, but just as a warning to everyone else who hasn't read it yet, stay away from related pages on Wikipedia until you're done with the book. There are some pretty major spoilers on there right now, some of which aren't even hidden away in the "plot" section like they ought to be =P
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It never rains but it pours

ZOMG! Level 5 just did a press conference where they announced and/or showed off a lot of things, but of particular note to me was "Fantasy Life," which has Amano doing the art and Uematsu doing the music! No way to tell if it will end up being as cool as it sounds, but one can hope :)

Also, wow, they're doing a ton of 3DS games (including Fantasy Life.) It was pretty much already certain i was going to get a 3DS near launch, but all the new announcements are certainly making me happier and more excited about getting one :)