September 29th, 2010

Steampunk girl with backpack

So first you punch a tree...

So what did i do with my spiffy new monitor last night after getting the resolution stuff fixed? Well we tried out ten or fifteen minutes of a True Blood episode to admire the large screen. Then i cruised the internet for awhile. Then i read an article about someone who's creating a working computer in Minecraft. Then i asked shelleycat which she thought was geekier, building a working computer in a video game, or building a 1:1 model of the Enterprise in a video game. This led to me searching out the YouTube video of the 1:1 model of the Enterprise (though i did have a false start first) and then looking at a couple Let's Play videos.

Then i went and bought the game and started playing it :) I got an actual blue screen of death within the first ten minutes, but after that it was smooth sailing. For about the next two or three hours. At 12:30 i finally told myself i needed to stop and get some sleep :) "Just one more turn" has become replaced by "just a few more blocks."

So i got a brand new giant monitor, and spent hours playing a game that graphically looks like it could have been from the early 90s :) I'm already thinking of what kind of projects i could do it the game. Nothing so grandiose as the Enterprise of course, but i am wondering how high i could build a tower of Babel... :) However before i do too much more development i may start a new game. My initial world was a snowy one, which i think may be a permanent state of affairs. That does allow you to get snowballs and ice as resources, but i think i'd prefer the look of a non-snowy world.

Of course who knows how far any projects i initiate will get. Along with my usual tendency to never finish what i start, in another week or so i'll have my new computer, and Civ 5 will be waiting...

Oh, and while i was looking for the other Minecraft videos, i found an awesome one of someone totally failing to use fire in the proper manner :)