August 7th, 2010

Games: slime

Awesome day

I went into work this morning to make up a few hours, then went to the nearest Best Buy to check the Dragon Quest IX event. It was pretty pathetic, there was a guy "from" Nintendo there (or rather from the marketing company Nintendo hired to run the events) and he had some t-shirts and stickers, but either didn't have the map or had no idea how to load it.

So after waiting around for awhile and having no one else show up, i drove down to the Best Buy in Mission Viejo, and got there just as the guy who'd posted on GameFaqs about it started passing out awesome maps :) I got all the boss maps, plus the Masayuki Metal King Slime dungeon, the Kawasaki Locker dungeon, and if we interpreted the list correctly, a Liquid Metal Slime dungeon and a Gem Slime dungeon :) Plus i got 25 tags, which in addition to the three from the GameStop event brings me up to 28... just two short of what i need to max out my inn =P Okay, so i guess it was an _almost_ perfect day :)

I drove back home and picked shelleycat up and we went to the Outback at the Westminster mall for dinner (with a stop by the Best Buy there to see if i could pick up the last two tags, but it was still as empty as some of the people who'd shown up at Mission Viejo had reported.)

So got lots of maps, lots of tags, and a big yummy dinner. Now i can sit back and explore the new maps i've got :) Or at least the Liquid Metal Slime one, i'm hoping i can handle that one at least :)

Edit: It took a little dodging to get down to level 7 safely, but now it's Liquid Metal Slimes as far as the eye can see! The only issue is if their group includes a Darkonium Slime, need to run away in that case =P Of course they still run away a hell of a lot of the time, but if you know that the very next monster you find will also be a Liquid Metal Slime it's _slightly_ less aggravating :)
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