July 2nd, 2010

Cons: AnimeExpo

Anime Expo Day 1

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Of course it's not a good year for the AMV contest if i don't get at least one new song totally stuck in my head. This year those songs were the "Pizza Hut Song" (Definite falls into the "cheesy and bouncy" category, and the AMV was using a somewhat different variation than this one) and Owl City's "Fireflies." Of course "new" is a relative term for me. A brief internet search seems to indicate that "Fireflies" has been cruising the web for at least six months, and "Pizza Hut Song" has been around for at least four years :)

After the contest everyone was feeling pretty tired, so everyone headed off to their various sleeping locations. I got home just a little after 1am and crashed around 2. And now it is time to head off for AX again :)
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