May 23rd, 2010


Dear Google

Why the @#$$! do you keep removing functionality in Google maps?

I remember when you used to have separate boxes for what you were searching for and where you were searching. I really liked that. Now sometimes i'll search for something that happens to resemble a place name and it will take me to that place instead of searching nearby, and i have to do the typing out of "x near y." So much more annoying that just having two boxes.

And now you seem to have removed the ability to edit locations. The closest i can find is the "Web History" link, which will show me a list of locations i've searched for recently, but doesn't seem to give me any way to edit them. I really liked being able to tag locations with nicknames to make them easier to remember/lookup.

And while i'm complaining, what's with the big ugly bold text in the search box? It doesn't actually affect usability, but i hate it. I have a GreaseMonkey script that reverted the same SuperSizing on the regular page, but it doesn't seem to work for the page :(

Edit: Also, it looks like if i delete my "Web History" that will also delete all my saved locations? There's no way to differentiate between locations i specifically want to save any everything else that i search for? That's rather @#$%ed up.
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