April 23rd, 2010

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Music lyric thing

I'm lazy, and don't have a poll to do today, so instead i'm gonna do that old guess the lyrics meme that kirinn reminded me about.

I think the rules are just write down the first line or two of the lyrics of the next X songs on your current playlist. I cheated a little since my current playlist is actually every song in my mp3 folder, which includes songs with no lyrics, sound effects, comedy sketches, and a lot of stuff that i don't normally listen to myself (or in some cases never actually listened to before at all =) So i just added lyrics for the first X songs to come up that i'd rated 3 stars or higher.

I think in theory i'm supposed to cross them out as people guess them, but i'm not going to do that cause it makes it hard for other people to read. And i think people ought to try to guess all the ones they know, not just all the ones they know that haven't been guessed already.

At least one of the songs has been covered by multiple people, so you get bonus points if you can predict which artist's version i was listening to as well :)

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Sad Kitty


Well i'm glad i finished FF13 before my PS3's disk reader decided to die =P A quick glance at the internet seems to indicate it will cost about $150 to get fixed, even aside from the issue of either having to drive it to a service center or (more likely) figure out how to ship it to them :(

Unfortunately this is going to pose some difficulties in finishing up the rest of the FAQ i was working on =P

In other game related news, i tried out Master of Orion 2 on average difficulty and kicked ass in a medium sized galaxy. I then tried a one planet challenge in a small galaxy. The first time was with four or five other races. I did okay for awhile, but eventually people started declaring war on me, usually due to espionage actions i was getting framed for. I think part of the problem may have been that one of the other empires was the Darloks =P It got down to three alien races, and two of them i was able to kick the ass of in combat, but not the third, who had tech a little too advanced for me.

So i tried out a second one planet challenge, this time with just two other races. This time it went a lot better. I'm not sure if my strategy improved, or less races meant less of a challenge, or just a lack of the damn Darloks meant less of a challenge :) By the time the other two races were no longer willing to accept my bribes for peace i was able to kick their asses all over the galaxy :)

So my plan at this point was originally to work on FF13 stuff some more, but....

Perhaps i should install Civ4 since i just (re)bought it from Impulse? Or i could try out the first Master of Orion...

In other news, i was listening to a video game podcast talking about the latest Pokemon game, which has a pedometer add-on which apparently gives you bonus goodies in the game depending on how far you walk with it. Which makes me think: Drinking Bird, best "practical" use EVAR! :)