April 9th, 2010

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A not very entertaining poll

This is just for people who talk about Final Fantasy games a fair bit. I guess if other people want they can mentally replace the first question with "Rocky IV" and "Rocky 4" and answer just that one.

Poll #1549244 Final Fantasy names

If you were to write out the full name, which way are you more likely to do it?

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy 14

If you were to abbreviate the name, which way are you more likely to do it?


If you were to refer to a game just by number, how would you do so?


Would your answers to the above change based on which game in the series you're referring to?


So for everyone who chose the first option for the second question, i'd really like to know why.

I can understand the logic behind writing out the roman numerals when doing the full name. I don't agree with the conclusion, but i understand it. The title is written that way so that's the official name. The part where i disagree is that everyone knows they write it that way just because it "looks classier." When discussing the games i don't feel any need to maintain the facade of coolness by making myself go through the extra work of writing out the roman numerals. I don't think anyone will claim that "Final Fantasy VII" and "Final Fantasy 7" don't mean the same thing.

The part i really don't understand is everyone writing out FFIV, FFVIII, FFIX, FFXIII, etc. As in, i don't even understand the logic behind it in the first place.

You are abbreviating the name! You can't make any claim to retaining the dignity(?) of the original title when you're reducing the whole "Final Fantasy" part down to just "FF." So why insist on writing out the roman numerals, which are usually longer and almost always more difficult to read than the arabic equivalents? The only case where it makes some sense to do the roman numerals is FFX/FF10. It's one character instead of two, and you don't need to do any addition or subtraction in your head. Even then i'll usually stick with FF10 out of habit, just because it's so much easier to do the arabic numbers in every other case.

It's especially noticeable when doing lists of the games. "I like FF4, FF6, and FF8 but i don't like FF7 or FF9 or FF13. FF12 and FF10 are okay though" is a lot clearer than "I like FFIV, FFVI, and FFVIII but i don't like FFVII or FFIX or FFXIII. FFXII and FFX are okay though." The second one just starts turning into alphabet soup.

And i don't know about anyone else, but for me not only do the roman numerals take more work to read, they also take more work to write, irrespective of the number of characters involved. As minuscule as the effort is to come up with the roman numeral equivalent of numbers, that effort does in fact exist.

Wumpskate! (I hope)

According to the usual schedule monday should be Wumpskate! They haven't sent out an email about it yet though (they're frequently rather lax about that) so i have no idea what the theme is yet =P Just a heads-up for the one or two people who occasionally say they're interested in it but never end up going :)

Also, this saturday is a Ruin night. The theme this time is "Sakura Matsuri": " For the occasion, guests are invited to dress in their finest Asian-inspired attire, whether Japanese, Chinese, traditional, modern, couture, school girl, or even anime and ninja! We are deeply honored to announce that we will be enjoying a traditional Japanese dance by the renowned Kaz Matamura (Secret Rose Theatre, Madam Butterfly) just before midnight!"

Which sounds awesome, but "unfortunately" shelleycat and i have a wedding we need to attend tomorrow, which makes going out clubbing that evening kind of problematic =P
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Okay, Amazon told me _yesterday_ that my package was shipping. I'd selected the free super shipping (or whatever it was called) so i figured it would show up in about a week. In fact now that i recheck the email, the estimated USPS delivery date was April 13th.

So needless to say i was kind of surprised to find the package waiting for me in the mailbox today. That certainly makes up for them taking four days to get around to shipping it, but they'd told me it would take five days to ship, so they were a little quick on that end too.

So anyways, now we have Bayonetta (PS3) and Dead Space Extraction (Wii) to mess around with.... except that i'm still working on my FF13 FAQ! =P
Anime: Ukyo

Damn you Amazon!

coraa (indirectly) pointed out to me that Amazon was having an anime sale. Actually, they seem to be having two anime sales. What looks like the best one is here and runs until April 19th. (If the long complicated link doesn't work, you should be able to go to Amazon's Anime page and find a link from there.)

So, um, help? There's probably way too much here to get everything i could possible want. Does anyone have any recommendations or disrecommendations?

I've got a couple lists going already, what i'll probably get, what i might get, and what i'm curious about but not especially likely to get as things currently stand.

So is there anything below that i definitely should get? Or definitely shouldn't get? And is there anything in the sale list that didn't catch my eye that i should take another look at?

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