March 6th, 2010

Games: Tifa - FF7

Stuff n things

I stopped by the mall on the way home friday and went by GameStop to see what was up with the midnight release. Yes, they're doing a midnight release, and yes, they could still take pre-orders. So i've now got a pre-order for the PS3 version of FF13 :)

I also stopped by the T-Mobile store and got my account set up to auto-pay. I'd tried to do it twice over their website, but the script blocker i have installed kept interfering with the process.

Also, ZOMG!!!!

We have a real living room! With a real table! And a real office!

iyindo and her SO (whose LJ nick i don't remember =/) stopped by last night and picked up the old couch! So we were able to move the futon back and shelleycat's desk forward, and actually put the table out, and now we have lots of room! Yay!

After that shelleycat made some yummy dinner, we watched some Ranma, and then i tried to pick up FF12 where i left off... wow, must have been over two years ago. (Damn, it seems so much more recent than that. I guess i've been in this phase of my life for quite awhile at this point.)

I did figure out why it is i stopped before i got to the end of the game. I was reading through a faq trying to figure out where exactly i was, and got to a comment along the lines of "Reddas will make completing hunts and defeating Espers a lot easier, so maybe you should go do some of that now." So i started doing hunts and defeating Espers, and got bored and distracted by something else before i ever got back to the main plot :)

And while i'm at it, recap of last weekend:

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Podcast - EndGameRadio

Let's do the time warp

I may have mentioned before that i am way behind on my regular podcasts. It's amusing when news from five or six months ago is relevant to the current situation. Like how a day or two ago one of the podcasts was talking about an interview with Infinity Ward's Vince Zampella about how Activision didn't want them to do the first Modern Warfare game when they first proposed it, and how Activision kept doing market research to "prove" to them how it was going to fail miserably. This of course prompted a discussion in the podcast about how stupid Activision is. I'm really tempted to jump ahead briefly and listen to this week's podcasts to see what everyone has to say about Activision firing Vince Zampella and Jason West under such mysterious and stupid circumstances. (And what they have to say about the apocalyPS3, and the Portal 2 announcement.)

That wasn't the weirdest screw with my conception of time moment this week though. I'd already heard that Garnett Lee was going to be leaving the 1Up podcast (amongst many other indications, the names of the files i'd been downloading through iTunes had changed =) so i wasn't surprised when i finally caught up to his final episode yesterday. I hadn't heard that he was moving to GameFly's ShackNews and was planning on starting up a podcast there.

So today i tried doing a couple searches to try and figure out if that podcast had actually gotten off the ground or not. I haven't actually found any such podcast yet, but what i did find is the news from yesterday that David Ellis, the guy i'd just heard taking over the reigns of the 1Up podcast from Garnett Lee, is leaving 1Up. So his reign is pretty much over before i've even listened to the first podcast he hosted =P I wonder who will be picking it up next? I don't think anything will make up for the with-a-whimper demise of Endgame Radio, but 1Up Yours/Listen Up (and hopefully 4 Guys 1Up for the four or so months it was in existence) and the HotSpot are the best alternatives i've found since then. (With Rebel FM being decent, but not quite as good. And i still need to check out 1Up's Active Time Babble.)