February 11th, 2010

Replicants (BGC)

Google Music Player

Speaking of new google stuff, you know what i really think they should do? A media player.

"Say what?" you exclaim, "that doesn't make any kind of sense!"

Well here's my reasoning. My impression of google's overall strategy (outside of pushing ads at you any way they can of course) is to provide a seamless online experience, regardless of where you're logging on from. If i'm at work, or at home, or on my mobile phone, i can log onto all the various Google apps, and all the data Google has on me is shared between apps and between devices.

(As pointed out earlier, some people think this raises some serious privacy concerns. If Google ever decided to really go evil they could do so in a huge way, and even now they have at least the potential to inflict massive damage entirely by accident. But that's definitely not the issue i wanted to talk about right now.)

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Given my usual naming conventions, the Google Music Player clearly ought to be named "Goompa." I'd say it should have a little mushroom mascot as well, but that would probably get them in trouble :)

Oh yeah, and in addition to just another way to keep people as a captive audience and server up ads, i'm sure Google would find great ways to mine the information about what music you liked, how often you listened to it, etc. And with the new Buzzy focus on Facebooky stuff i'm sure they'd eventually add tools to do things like find out what the highest rated songs of all your friends are and such.

The big downside of course would be that if it took off it would probably make Google the #1 target for RIAA subpoenas =P

Of course after my experience with Chrome i'd be worried that if Google did make a music player they'd make the UI ugly and drop half the features other players have come up with because the designers didn't think they were good enough ;)

(And i'm sure that now a certain someone will tell me that i ought to get a job at Google and make this my pet project ;)


shelleycat and i have determined, after a very thorough observation period (of exactly one game night) that it takes exactly two Mike's "Harder" Lemonades on a (mostly) empty stomach to get me fairly seriously tipsy. Despite that i managed to come in second place (out of four players) in a game of Airline Empires (a game invented by a friend of ours, which has gone through many revisions at this point.)

(I'm not sure if my use of parentheses goes up or down when i'm tipsy (unless i'm specifically paying attention to their usage (in which case they go up (because i'm tipsy (and therefore silly (yay!)))))+/-1)
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