December 8th, 2009



I spent somewhere between 6 and 8 hours packing on saturday. Another bag of stuff is ready to go off to Goodwill, two or three boxes worth of stuff was thrown out, another box or two of stuff was eliminated through more efficient packing, and 40-50 random pages of stuff was scanned and shredded.

I finished up around 9 or 10, we watched some tv and got to bed around 2. I got up around 3 sunday afternoon, we watched some tv (mostly Return of the King) and i messed around on the internet some. We were going to go to Costco for lunch, but shelleycat wasn't feeling well so we ended up staying home, and took a nap around 6 or so. We went out to Ortega 120 for dinner around 8, and when we got back at 9:30 or so i was still feeling tired for some reason and went to bed again. We got up around 6:30 this morning.

So saturday, about 6-8 hours of packing. Sunday (through monday morning,) about 20-21 hours of sleeping =P Hopefully that means i've got a good backlog and can get lots of packing done this week =P
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