December 7th, 2009



Windy! Rainy! And all the traffic lights along Palos Verdes are out! (And people around here seem very unclear on how uncontrolled intersections are supposed to work =P)

It's definitely winter :)

Edit: Of course i've heard that back home at least some places are getting snow. I wanted to check it out and found a weather layer on Google Maps, but apparently there's no way to look at those without actually adding them to your account. I'd really like to be able to review what information a map layer is going to add before i start cluttering things up by adding it =P
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Beeda: Haruhi

How convenient =P

Time Warner Cable website: "Time Warner Cable does not service this address. Please go to to find a provider." website: "Congratulations! Time Warner Cable services are available at your address."

First of all, WTH?

Second of all, "Congratulations!"? Double WTH? I wasn't aware that living in an area where you can get cable was considered that spectacular these days, especially in the greater LA area =P
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