December 6th, 2009



North Korea is out of money, literally. They're revaluing their currency, and the method seems to be "turn in all your money now, and we'll give you new money next week." They new money doesn't get handed out until tomorrow, but the old money stopped being legal tender on the 30th of November, so nobody is doing any business there. Hopefully no one forgot to get their grocery shopping done on the 29th?

You'd think there would be more efficient ways to handle something like this, but it is North Korea after all i suppose.

(I really ought to be packing now, but i have a cat on my lap, so i can't move and am just browsing the interwebs instead :)
Steampunk girl with backpack

Alice in Wonderland

There have been a lot of commercials for the new Alice in Wonderland remake showing tonight. Looks kind of like the same steampunk/goth vision they did for the Wizard of Oz remake awhile back. So it'll probably be visually interesting if not necessarily stellar in other respects. However i'm not really sure if i want to watch a movie on a network named "SyFy." I'm not sure if i'm cool and hip enough for that =P
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