November 24th, 2009


The best laid plans of mice and meeple...

shelleycat picked me up at work around 11 to go car shopping today.

Unfortunately one of the three local possibilities, Dark Grey 2007 Prius with 66k miles, initial asking price of $15k, had been sold a day or two ago.

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So in any case, since we weren't doing any more car shopping we decided to swing by the new apartment and sign the lease, so at least we got something productive accomplished today =P
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Edit: (but not quite =)

You know, i wonder what would happen if i made a list of all their otherwise attractive cars in the $16k-$17k range and started calling them up one at a time and saying "i've got $15.5k in cash, that means i can afford a $14k car before tax and registration. If i were happy with your car after a test drive i'd be willing to put that money down with no further negotiation," what would happen? Most of them would presumably laugh at me. Some might say yes, but then try to renege once i got there, and either insist that i could really afford a little more, or just offer financing. I wonder if any of them would take me up on it and actually follow through? Probably pretty low odds, but i wonder if they're so low that it's not worth trying.