November 22nd, 2009



Well one benefit of all the bus riding is that i'm getting books read a lot faster. Finished up a couple in the past month

Seanan McGuire - Rosemary and Rue: Yes, this is the same Seanan McGuire that does the awesome music (including the best Firefly filk ever =) It's a faerie book, but with more detective stuff and more focus on faerie mythology than a lot of the Laurell K Hamilton type stuff. (Also less focus on sex, but one can't have everything ;) coraa and anyone else interested in faerie stuff might be interested in it. It seems kinda unfair though that one person can be both a great musician and a great writer though =P

Sherwood Smith - The Fox: This is the sequel to Inda, which i enjoyed but had a hard time getting through (took a couple weeks, possibly even over a month.) I'm not sure if i sped through this one so quickly because i was expecting the breakneck pace, because i had a better idea of which way the story was heading, or because i had so much time to spend reading i never had time to get thrown off pace in my reading. In any case it was good, and now i have to get the third book.

Kristen Britain - The High King's Tomb. I was wondering if this series was going to be wrapped up in three volumes or not, and the short answer is "not even close." shelleycat said she tried reading the first book in the series and gave up because it just seemed such a generic fantasy story. Maybe it is, but if so it's the kind of generic fantasy story i enjoy, rather than the kind of generic fantasy story i have to struggle through (like the Tad Williams stuff.)

I'm pretty sure there's more i've read than that in the past couple weeks, but i can't think of what the other books might have been right at the moment.


shelleycat's feeling better, but didn't feel up to lots of driving, so i think we're going to do car shopping on tuesday. I'll have to get in early so i get off around 11 or noon so we'll have time to go by several places, possibly including the one in Ontario.

In the meantime we're watching "The Next Iron Chef" reruns while waiting for the finale later tonight. At the end of each episode they always start out naming the winner and then the runner-ups, until they get down to the two or three worst people, at which point they decided which one of them is going home (with much unneeded drama of course =) We were amused that for the episode where they had to make a dish with a "Mexican flair" using tamarind, when it got down to the last two chefs, the German chef defeated the French chef, because the German chef made a "mexican themed" tamarind eclair that the judges thought was one of the best eclairs they'd ever had. The French chef did not seem to appreciate the irony :)