November 14th, 2009



shelleycat came over friday night and we went to bed around 1 am. We got up about 11, (okay, i got up at a11, shelleycat got up a lot earlier than that) and i walked to the bank to deposit my insurance check and stopped by Albertson's on the way back to pick up lots of stuff. Amongst other things, i got diverted unto the Hacker's Diet webpage by a Slashdot post a couple days ago. It provided no information about diets that i didn't know already, but it did point out that frozen dinners are an excellent choice if you want a more of less full meal at a very predictable calorie level and for a very reasonable price. I was a little doubtful about the price part, but Albertson's had a lot of "Banquet" frozen meals for just a dollar each, with calories ranging from about 300 to 500 each.

I got back around noonish and we had a snack before heading down to Huntington Beach to look at apartments a little after 1. I called up a couple newish places while we were in the car, but didn't find anything better that the options we'd already come up with. We got to the Sandpiper place and took a look at one of the 1 bedroom apartments, and spent awhile discussing what the best way to arrange furniture would be. We finally came up with an arrangement which we think will work out reasonably well, and put down a $200 deposit to reserve the apartment until we can finish filling out the (really long) "Application to Rent" forms.

So barring anything unforeseen shelleycat will drop off the application forms on monday, and on December 12th we'll have a new apartment (although the big component of the actual moving process will probably happen on saturday/sunday the 19th/20th.) The only hangup is that they want "proof of income," for which they would normally accept photocopies of pay stubs. However a couple months ago work switched over to an entirely electronic system. I wonder if they'd except printouts of the electronic pay stubs from the web page? :)

We couldn't think of anything else we wanted to do in Huntington Beach, so we headed straight back home and git here around 4ish. I spent awhile playing Pixel Junk Monsters while shelleycat was doing stuff on the web. At 6ish we decided to try out the "Ortega 120" restaurant around the corner. I hate to admit that we got enticed in because of their ad out front advertising that they'd been featured in an episode of Hell's Kitchen and had won some award or other for best Margaritas in something or other. That said, the place was a little price, but very excellent. We got four margaritas (one virgin peach one for shelleycat and three (one regular, one "fruit," and one peach) for me) an appetizer, and two entrees, and it came out to $71 before tax and tip, and $93 total.

Now we're sitting around watching Mythbusters. I don't care what the exact wording of the original myth was, the fact that you can drive staw reeds two inches into a palm tree is really damn impressive, and the piano wire going all the way through, through the wood backboard, and into the concrete wall was really _really_ damn impressive. Also, in relation to the hangover episode they had earlier, shelleycat has decided that beer and cider makes me more smiley when tipsy, while hard alcohol makes me more talkative when tipsy. Can you tell? :)
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