November 13th, 2009


Friday the 13th!

Yay friday the 13th!

Squenix decided it was a pretty cool day too, and announced that FF13 will be coming out in the US on March 9th next year, a lot sooner than i was expecting. I was really surprised when FF12 came out here within a year of japan, and now they think they've got the process down to less than three months! That's amazingly awesome :)

In other news, one of the things i'm definitely going to miss about this apartment when i move (which will happen after we finish the apartment search, which has been temporarily waylaid by the new car search) will be having a Subway within a 95 seconds walk :)
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I'd just read the news bit before without actually watching the trailer. Turns out the new FF13 "trailer" is about the dumbest thing ever =P

The first... 6/8ths or so of the video is an introduction from some random dude and some interviews with some of the executive developers in which they spew forth a lot of marketing buzz words without actually relating any really new information. (Unless you care who the singer is for the theme song, which i don't really.) Then you get fifteen or twenty seconds of clear game footage without people talking over it, and then for the last 1/8th it goes back to the random dude talking about it again =P
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