October 26th, 2009


Last gasp

Went into work early today and got home around 4:30, and according to the weather report today was supposed to be the last day of good weather for the week, and given that it's late october it could easily be the last day of good weather for several months. It was supposedly mid to high 80s in the middle of the day, and felt like it was maybe still mid 70s when i headed out at 4:45.

Did about 11.5 miles and got home at 6:30.

I generally agree with the people who think things like the Open Source Boob Project are potentially a bad idea. Which definitely makes it seem a little unfair when cute girls go around wearing t-shirts that say things like "Kiss Me" on them =P (Possibly with some kind of subscript beneath, though not that i could tell while rollerblading past.) Although in the grand scheme of things i guess that's still not quite as frustrating as cute girls wearing "I <3 Geeks" t-shirts :)