October 2nd, 2009

Hoodwinked: Sheep


Meme stolen from qotcpcf:

Unlimited Resources: Knowledge

Lets assume for this game:

- you can learn anything
- you don't need to make money
- you have infinite time

What are the three (or more) most fascinating and complex subjects you have ever encountered and would choose to study?

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Friday fun links!

A cute and awesome music video, "Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn'" made by someone taking clips of Carl Sagan from Cosmos, along with a few of Stephen Hawking, and using software to remodulate the speaking voice into music.

And somewhat related to that, here are some trailers for "Man Conquers Space." It seems to be some kind of movie about an alternate timeline where we went to space early and never left. Not sure if it's a kind of documentary-fiction or something else, but both the visuals and the idea are appealing (and a little depressing in terms of all that we haven't done.)

And finally a trailer for something called "Yatterman." It's supposed to be some kind of Japanese superhero movie, but it looks totally insane :)

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I know i watched the trailer for the new episode last week, but i can't remember what it was about at all now...

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Okay, another so-so episode where nothing much happens.