September 29th, 2009


Shards of Honor

Just finished "rereading" Shard of Honor for the first time. Since it was actually the first Vorkosigan novel i read it was certainly a very different perspective the second time through.

Watching Aral and Cordelia i kept thinking "so that's where Miles got that trait from! And that one! And that one!" :)

Illyan is young and inexperienced and naive! It's so cute! :)

Is the pilot Mayhew(?) at the end the same as the pilot Mayhew(?) in Warrior's Apprentice?

And unrelated to the rest of that universe, the coroner (Tersa?) in the epilogue kinda reminds me of the coroner in NCIS, at least as far as her attitude goes :)
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Scribblenauts experiments

Pirates beat Ninjas, unless you give the Ninja a Sword first, in which case it's a tie. Zombies turn Pirates and Ninjas into more Zombies.

God beats the first Cthulhu, but not the second. Zeus looks and behaves pretty much like God. The game doesn't seem to know what Poseiden is, but Phoboscidean turns out to be some kind of woolly mammoth.

And it turns out that Tanks have unlimited ammo and kill ANYTHING ...except Vampires! Vampires kill _everything_. A Vampire can kill Cthulhu. A Vampire will turn most human types into some kind of Banshee, including God!

The only things i've discovered so far to kill Vampires are, of course, holy water and garlic. Luckily as long as you're in a Tank you seem to be indestructible (except presumably from Floods) so you've got plenty of time to figure out what to do. Likewise with a Bomb Shelter, except you can't drive a Bomb Shelter or kill people with it :)

Also, once i've created and placed Quicksand i can't figure out how the hell to get rid of it. I can't even pick it back up again and put it in the trash! =P

Also also, flying carpets and magic brooms really suck. They don't get you any higher than a jet pack, and the flying carpet at least seems to have an unfortunate tendency to drop me through the floor.

Finally, the Fan seems to be one of the most useful tools in the game :)