September 28th, 2009


Damn it

I was listening to a little bit of "Shards of Honor" on my mp3 player friday night saturday morning before bed. And somehow when i put it down just before falling asleep it ended up under a loose fold of the bed sheet. So when i got up on, er, saturday morning and rolled out of bed, guess what i managed to put my knee down on? =P

Most of the right side of the LCD screen is now filled up with blue goo in that traditional "cracked LCD" pattern, and only the top half of the left side still shows anything. So i can tell which audiobook is playing (if i know what's on there anyways so i can recognize the first six or eight characters, but that's not usually a problem) but not which file, or how far through i am, or what the volume is (though that last can obviously be figured out by experimentation.)

So it still works just fine, but it's kinda inconvenient now. I'm not sure if i should go out looking for another $30 mp3 player or not. For one thing, i'm not sure if the old version of the Audible software (which i need to use for, er, technical reasons =) will interact with the new Audible server correctly to unregister the old player, or if it will be able to recognize and register a newer mp3 player at all.

In other news, coraa might be amused to know that sunday evening i actually had a dream that i remembered (thanks to shelleycat waking me up in the middle of it) in which i was part of a werewolf pack :)

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That's actually quite a lot of detail for one of my dreams :)