September 11th, 2009



I'm _not_ crazy! Google did in fact increase the font size on their front page on 9/9/09. Other people claimed not to notice it, but it's been bugging the heck out of me and i finally got around to looking into the issue.

What's even better it that not only am i not crazy, but someone has already come up with a GreaseMonkey script to revert the changes! Yay!

And hey look! There's another GreaseMonkey script to get rid of the ugly "new" favicon! Woot!

Unfortunately i'm guessing that Google Map's incredibly annoying new "feature" of changing the results of a search as you move the map around is too embedded to be fixable with a GreaseMonkey script =P Also unfortunately, i can't think of a way to describe the "feature" well enough to be able to look up when the change happened, or if there's any way to undo it =P

And as long as i'm complaining about things they've changed that i wish they hadn't, i really wish there was still a separate "get directions" and "find stuff" searches. I keep putting in things that i want to search for which it thinks are addresses or other locations, and if the map isn't already centered on where i want to be looking for something (which happens quite often, especially as a result of the previous problem) i have to go through a two stop process of searching for the address and then searching for whatever i want, rather than just doing "find X near Y." I do like the option of just dragging the map somewhere and searching near wherever it happens to be focused, but it shouldn't be the only way to search.
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