August 18th, 2009

Games: Playstation

Video game stuff

Sony finally admitted that the PS3 Slim exists. It will be about 1/3rd smaller and lighter, have a 120 GB hard drive, and cost $300. And although i'm not sure if it's been officially confirmed or not, every indication is that it will not be restoring PS2 backwards compatibility, which means i really don't feel bad about having paid $450 for a 160 GB PS3 about 8 months ago. (The smaller and lighter part seems pretty insignificant to me.)

I am a little sad that about a month after i got Little Big Planet using my Sony Reward Points a new Game of the Year version has been announced, which will include a lot of extra free content. Although the only one i _really_ want is the History Costumes, which i can pick up for $2.99.

I do find it kind of amusing that the pack, which includes Ada Lovelace, Genghis Khan, Boudica and Mozart, is described by the Little Big Planet site as being "based on four most non heinous historical figures." Clearly this has got to be some Bill & Ted definition of "non heinous"? Because one could debate about whether Boudica was heinous or not, but Genghis Kahn? Srsly?