August 17th, 2009


Other fun weekend stuff

After spending over a month (i think) reading Sherwood Smith's "Inda" a bit at a time i was kinda surprised to get through Diana Wynne Jones' "Dark Lord of Derkholm" in less than a week :) (It wasn't that i didn't like Inda, i just kept getting distracted, and i'm still planning on picking up the sequels/prequels/whatever at some point.) Then i decided to finally get around to reading Patricia Brigg's "Alpha and Omega" short story since i picked the collection with it up... about three or four months ago at BayCon i think. Went through that in less than 24 hours (it was only about 70 pages long) and after which i decided to (hopefully temporarily) skip the rest of the short stories in the collection and start working on the first full novel in the series, "Cry Wolf."

shelleycat and i started watching Hex on thrusday and got through two more episodes on saturday. It's a British supernatural/horror TV series. I'm not sure if i'd ever watch it on my own since it has lots of scary bits, but it's okay as long as shelleycat is there to hide against and/or i've got my DS or computer or something to distract me when necessary :) (And on the plus side it does have a cute goth girl :)

Saturday night shelleycat and i went to the one night only (so far at least) revival of Ruin, and met some friends of shelleycat's there. I did a lot of dancing, shelleycat did a fair bit of dancing. Her friends didn't do any dancing at all that i saw, but seemed to be having a good time sitting around drinking and people-watching. There were several of the old regulars there, so i got to show shelleycat a lot of the people i've talked about in the past. We stuck around till closing at 2:30 or so and got home around 3:30 i think.