August 14th, 2009


Fun Friday Stuff!

I'm a lazy LJ user! I'm just going to propagate a couple cool links that i got from stormfeather! :)

A collection of cool "bad" news headlines. Poorly phrased, misspelled, whatever. (I'm sure there's a lot more stuff like this on the net, this is just the first particular collection of it that i've seen. Feel free to enlighten me about all the other examples i've missed because i'm incredibly behind the times =)

"Ukraine Sand Animation." Someone "drawing" on a lit glass pane with sand on top of it, accompanied by music.'s actually a lot cooler than that makes it sounds :) Of course stormfeather says she got it from Neil Gaiman's blog, so a lot of people have probably already seen it.

Well that was unexpected

Remember how i said a week or so ago that there were three films that i was kinda looking forward too all coming out today? Well i got around to checking the reviews on RottenTomatoes now that there's a decent number of them out. Ponyo is at 95% (with 75 reviews) District 9 is at 87% (with 133 reviews) and The Time Traveler's Wife is at 36% (with 102 reviews.)

I know that reviews don't necessarily equate to actual quality, and there's far less correlation with success, but still, if i was expecting any one of those three to do poorly with reviewers i would have thought it would be District 9.

So yeah, definitely gonna go see Ponyo and District 9. We'll see about The Time Traveler's Wife.