June 26th, 2009



Subway, or the radio station they subscribe to, seemed to be playing all Michael Jackson all the time, at least while we were there for lunch.

I suppose we're getting closer to the time where artists i care about will be dropping dead left and right, but to me Michael Jackson is still in the category of, "oh, he's one of those people that other people cared about when i was a kid," so my response has been more or less, "eh, whatever," while being somewhat amused by what a big effect his death has had on everyone else, directly or indirectly. Judging by the total lack of a flood of related posts on my friends list (like some other people have reportedly been getting) i guess perhaps a significant number of my cohorts feel the same way?

Edit: Oh hey! Someone else just pointed out the irony that shelleycat and i have been spending the last couple weeks killing Zombie Michael Jackson in Plants vs. Zombies! :) Hope that's not some kind of omen... :)
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Okay, i know there was at least one Michael Jackson video game (i remember playing a fair bit of an arcade one on a cruise when i was a kid) but i wasn't really expecting the Retro Video Game Music Show to have a set of (heavily digitized) Michael Jackson music =P

(I really need an OMGWTHBBQ icon =P)
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YouTube 1 - Wikipedia 0

This looks like what i've been seeing people driving all over town recently.

I found it by googling for "three wheel motorcycle". However Wikipedia doesn't seem to know what a Spyder is except as a "Roadster," which in turn it says is a kind of car, and it doesn't know what the "Can-Am" company is, it claims it's some kind of race thing.

How can so many people be buying these things if they can't look it up on Wikipedia? :)

Edit: Ahhh, i needed to look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Can-Am_motorcycles, which points to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Can-Am_Spyder. Clearly someone needs to update the "Spyder" disambiguation page though.
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