May 12th, 2009


All the zones have names like that in the Galaxy of Terror

Good news everybody!

Well, good news for anyone in the bay area who likes rollerskating/rollerblading and goth/industrial music.

... hello? Anyone?

Well in any case, it seems there is now a bay area Wumpskate. The next one is on June 9th (tuesday) at San Jose Skate, 397 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose. They claim to have a "website", but i haven't actually checked it out yet.

Anyways, Wumpskate was awesome, as usual.

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Anyways, that was pretty much my evening. Got home about 1:35 or 1:40, failed to get to bed until 2 something, then hit snooze on my alarm from about 4 to 4:30. (And then stupidly allowed myself to be distracted until about 5:30 trying to win the prizes for "todays" tournaments in Dragon Quest Monsters =P)
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