April 28th, 2009



Apparently Audible updates it's store sometime between 4:30 am and 6 am :)

*gleefully downloads "The Lost Fleet: Relentless" and "The Honor of the Queen"*
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If i can get to the point where my stomach doesn't bulge out along the sides i will be happy. If i can get to the point where my stomach doesn't bulge out along the front i will be very happy. If i can get to the point where the second item is true without me having to think about sucking my stomach in i will be exceptionally happy.

(179.8 this morning, and _almost_ out of easter candy, so hopefully i can start making actual progress again soon =P)
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Screw you Madagascar!!!

I was literally watching it (of course at that point in the game,) hoping against hope as its port stayed open far longer than usual. Pretty soon it was the only country left (as usual.) I watched a number of ships pass it by, then the world started working on a vaccine, which i figured probably meant i was screwed. But the port was still open. Then a ship came around the tip of Africa, heading in the general direction of Madagascar. Then it turned directly towards Madagascar! Then the port greyed out and i got the notice about Madagascar closing its ports!! But the ship kept going!!! It was only a dozen or two pixels away at that point and it sailed right into the closed port in Madagascar!!!! HA!!!!

AND NOW EVERYONE IN MADAGASCAR IS DEAD!!!! (And in the rest of the world too! =)

*gloats far more than the accomplishment is worth*

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Final Score: 148859, about 92 days in. Not sure why that's so low, i've gotten 210k before killing a lot less people, but all i really care about is that everybody is dead :)