April 22nd, 2009


Holiday food

shelleycat and i were discussing what holidays there are that have snacks/food attached to them. Here's what i came up with:

January: New Years Day (General partying, eating, drinking, being merry, etc, but no special food.)
February: Valentines Day (candy hearts and chocolate)
March: St. Patrick's Day (Beer, kinda borderline)
April: Easter (Easter candy)
May: Cindo de Mayo (Mexican food, kinda borderline)
June: Nothing
July: 4th of July (BBQ and picnics, but no special food, kinda borderline)
August: Nothing
September: Nothing
October: Halloween (Halloween candy)
November: Thanksgiving (Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie)
December: Christmas (cookies, candy canes, stocking candy, all kinds of stuff.)

So there are three borderline months (March, May and July) and three entirely barren months (June, August and September.)

March and July could certainly afford to be spiffed up a little (Clover and Fireworks Peeps! ;)

June already has a ready made holiday, so we just need Summer Solstice Snacks. Obviously this would include little sun shaped Peeps. Are there any other foods that would be especially appropriate for it?

August and September are just screwed though. Labor Day cookies? shelleycat suggested Burning Man treats, but i don't think it has enough cultural currency to become a national holiday, especially given how regional it is. (I wonder which is more popular? Burning Man or Talk Like a Pirate Day? =)


The things you learn from TVTropes :) (Or more exactly, what you learn through curiosity spawned by looking through TVTropes.)

The 5th Lost Fleet book is coming out _next_week_! *bounce!* Hopefully Audible will get it in stock at the same time.

I used to think all military SF was kinda dumb, but in the last several years i've gotten sucked into several such series. (I think the Vorkosigan Saga may actually have been the gateway drug =) Unfortunately i'm not sure what's particular about the series i like and the ones that i still think are dumb. Which makes it hard to find new ones.

The ones i do like so far are Weber's Honor Harrington series, and his Safehold series, though that is a _little_ less military focused, Weber and Ringo's Prince Roger series (which has the added benefit of also having a strong element of the "relatively high tech people stranded in a relatively low tech environment" theme that i really like, which come to think of it is also one of the strong points of the Safehold series as well,) and obviously Hemry/Campbell's Lost Fleet series (which has a pretty weak initial setup, but gets better after that.)
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