March 14th, 2009



Every morning when i wake up there's a halo hanging from the corner of my girlfriend's four post bed....

er, no, that's not right. Every morning (or at least a very large percentage of the time) when my alarm goes off i feel like i'm wide awake. However i'm clearly not actually that awake, because every morning i then decide "well, i can afford to spend a few more minutes curled up in bed, especially since i feel so awake." And then every morning i spend usually somewhere between one and two hours being zonked out in bed and hitting the snooze button.

Of course there is the occasional morning where i actually _do_ manage to get up right away, but what's even more frustrating than how occasional it is is that such mornings usually happen on the weekend, when it would be perfectly okay for me to laze away in bed for hours in the morning =P