February 28th, 2009



Penny Arcade has a thing or two to say about Dollhouse, and apparently a lot of other people have been talking about it as well, so i guess now is as good a time as any to put forth my thoughts now that i've seen three episodes.

Mostly so far my opinion remains "eh."

If there's anyone who's been living in a cave and hasn't heard about the show yet, the premise is that some shadowy corporation (ain't they all?) has developed technology to wipe people's memories and personalities from their brains and implant new ones.

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When it was first announced i thought the concept of the show sounded a bit squicky, and i'm not sure if they even explicitly mentioned the prostitution thing originally, i think it may have just been "people who can be reprogrammed for whatever you desire" or some such and the desires left implicitly stated.

So considering what a bad idea it sounded like to begin with the show is actually reasonably good. I certainly wouldn't say it sucks, but i certainly wouldn't say it's become great yet either. Even three episodes of this still haven't managed to get me as interested as just one episode of Firefly did.

It's interesting that approximately 40% of the subjects seem to be male, but so far we've learned almost nothing about them. It would have been more intriguing, and i'm sure stirred up a much more vocal response, if he'd focused the stories on the guys. But of course they "needed" to have a female protagonist for the ratings, so no =P (For which they made a very unfortunate choice in my opinion. For reasons that i can't really explain Echo just does not seem very attractive to me.)

There seems to be an extreme shortage of likable characters at this point. Pretty much the only person i have much sympathy for is Echo's handler, who seems to regret what he's gotten himself into at least a little. I might feel more sympathy for Echo if there was a persistent personality to be sympathetic with, though perhaps they'll fix that in future episodes. There's a cop obsessed with shutting the Dollhouse down, which is a noble goal, but he can't even prove the place exists and the reasons for his obsession over the subject are inscrutable, so so far just seems like kind of a dork.

Anyways, after all that i should probably reiterate that i don't think it _sucks._ It's an okay show, and the only other contender for my live television attention that i can think of currently is the Sarah Conner chronicles, and for that i'd have to catch up on the previous two(?) seasons first. It's also an okay show being done by someone who has managed to produce at least one great work before, which i think gives it better than usual odds of managing to crawl its way up into greatness, but that's certainly no guarantee. So i'll probably keep watching it until something better comes along, or i get bored, or it gets canceled, in which case i'll just shrug and say "oh well, that's too bad."
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