February 19th, 2009



Remember when i was at Islands on sunday and accidentally bit my lip really hard (twice) and said "i really hope that doesn't turn into a canker sore"?

(...okay, no one remembers that except shelleycat because i didn't mention in LJ. But aaaanyways...)

Well it didn't turn into a canker sore. It didn't turn into two canker sores. Or three, or four. It turned into _five_ canker sores!

Luckily three of them are very small and will probably go away soon, and one is fairly small and will hopefully go away reasonable soon. That leaves just one large and painful canker sore =P
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Rockin' Crepes

I forgot to mention one of the activities that shelleycat and i participated in two or three weeks ago, trying out a small strip mall restaurant called "Rockin Crepes" :)

The decor is very 80s heavy metal and all the items on the menu are named after various bands. Again, mostly 80s rock bands, but with a little more variety. The crepes were very good, shelleycat got a "The Accept," (pastrami, swiss cheese, pickles and deli mustard) and i got a "The Ratt" (cheddar swiss and american cheese) and an "Iron Maiden" (Nutella, banana, strawberries and whipped cream.) They also have several different types of fondue, which we didn't try at the time but which shelleycat has gone back to sample and says they're really good :)

Edit: Which, not so coincidentally, she just made a post about :)