February 13th, 2009



Speaking of the unofficial TJs commercial, (okay, i wasn't speaking of it, but coraa was =)

I went to TJs for lunch yesterday, and they didn't have any Cobb salads :( They still had the sign for it though, so i'm hoping the shortage is just temporary. Luckily it turns out that the pear & gorgonzola salad is pretty good too :)


Apparently Squenix is trying to buy out Eidos. I guess they want to get their hands on the Lara Croft assets for some reason?

...that doesn't sound right :)

And related to the above, it also turns out that the sum total of all the Midway Games stock is worth a little more than $100,000. That's how much someone paid for about 90% of it anyways. Well, that and assuming about $70 million worth of debt =P I'm not sure if that's part of or in addition to the $240 million worth of debt the company has for defaulting on a $150 million loan. Not a good time for Midway.

But i guess if one was willing to declare bankruptcy after the fact there's not a much cheaper way to be able to say "i used to own a major video game company!"

More food

Browning tofu is hard. At the point where it starts to get a little brown and crispy, the next time you try to move it it ends up leaving behind a nice skin of brown and crispy tofu stuck to the pan =P

The combination of soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and vinegar was excellent though. I suppose i should have used rice vinegar, but all i was able to find lying about was apple cider vinegar, but it still worked out :)


Normally i'd be pretty gung-ho about going clubbing on a friday the 13th. However i figured i probably shouldn't do any extra driving while i've still got the engine light on my car on, even though it's just an emissions issue. (Long story. I'm taking it in on monday.) Plus, i can always do it on friday the 13th next month :)

So what have i been doing instead? Link hopping. Been reading some game reviews by Shamus (the DM of the Rings guy,) starting with an incredibly amusing set of them about Silent Hill Origins, as well as some other game design articles by him. I've also started looking through the Lets Play Archives again (although i wish the index included the date of when each game replay was posted.)

Also, shelleycat game me a link to some weird steampunkish movie on google video which i've only watched a little of so far.

And as usual for the past two or three weeks shelleycat and i have been playing Dominion on Brettspielwelt :)

And since shelleycat reminded me, in 30 minutes i'll be watching Dollhouse :)
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Scary movies and stupidity

Oh yeah, and one of the threads off the stuff from the last post has gotten me kinda curious about a movie called "Dog Soldiers." It was being described as both "Aliens but with werewolves instead of aliens," and as an homage to "Zulu," which sounds kinda intriguing. It's supposed to be a horror movie, but if it actually is like Aliens perhaps it wouldn't be too bad... I'd certainly want to watch it with shelleycat around though just to be safe.

Oh yeah, speaking of horror movies, shelleycat and i are planning to go see Coraline this weekend. I don't remember being that scared by the audiobook version, but it's probably just as well i'll be seeing it with her anyways, again, just to be safe :)

And speaking of _that_, i just got an email from the SFBC a couple days ago with the subject line: "Before You See The Movie: Read Coraline"

Um, no? That sounds like a horrible idea. Has there any been any stupider advice given in regards to books and movies? Yeah, read the book _right_ before going to the movie, so that every single deviation will jump right out at you =P

I know their goal is to sell books, but couldn't they have done "now that you've seen the movie, read the book!" instead?
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Why isn't anyone pooooosting anything! Or commenting on anything! I haven't done anything new for _five_ whole minutes! I'm so booooored! *whines*

Oh! It's 9! Dollhouse time!!!
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Well, Dollhouse was okay. I'll keep watching it, but it certainly didn't grab me the way the first episode of Firefly i saw did. ("The Train Job".)

I think i had a much better idea of what Firefly was about after the first episode too. I really don't know what's going on with Dollhouse. I mean, i've got the facts pretty much straight (except for the last 30 seconds or so, that was a really confusing scene) but i don't really know what Whedon is intending to do with it. One could make an argument that will allow for more development as the series progresses, but it still means it's not particularly gripping right at the beginning.
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