February 11th, 2009

Games: Tifa - FF7

Fun stuff

Thanks to the evil influences of porfinn i spent a lot of the last couple days reading through all of "The DM of the Rings", a webcomic using screenshots from the LotR movies to presents the story as if it was a D&D campaign. Run by a stereotypically semi-competent DM with delusions of grandeur and a stereotypical bunch of players, thereby demonstrating just about every pen and paper RPG trope in existence.

It's bit old, finished up a little over a year ago i think, but somehow i'd never heard of it before. (But i presume steuard must have run into it already, right? =)

In the process of reading through it i was reminded of the existence of this silly and amusingly earwormy LotR music video on YouTube. Some people might even classify it as incredibly annoying :)

Anyways, after finishing that webcomic i got sucked into the author's video game comic, Stolen Pixels. There are only 63 of those so far, so i actually managed to get through all of them today.

This one has a cute list of links to internet memes, mostly in YouTube format.

This is an amusing one about Fallout 3 which manages to work FF7 into the commentary :)

And it's been done before, but i'm still amused by the portrayal of the WiiFit "game" as a abusive "friend." :)

Needless to say i have spent far too much time this evening reading webcomics and watching random YouTube videos :)

Edit: Oh, i found a really geeky analysis of the rhythm of the lyrics in the earwormy song above. It's really amusing to see a lit or music geek going to town on a campy fan music video :)
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