February 2nd, 2009



shelleycat and i went to Gameology on saturday, and stopped for lunch at Saca's in the village on the way. (Which has gotten remodeled since the last time i was there a couple years ago. They redid the counter and move the pop machine there form it's old place in the corner, and redid the menus and put new art on the walls.)
When we go to Gameology i taught shelleycat how to play Dominion. We played two learning games, by which point she was enamored with it enough for us to enter the tournament. We both made it to the final round (since there were only eight people in the tournament that meant being in the top two for the first game we played =) and she went on to get second place. She might have ended up using the store credit she won to help finance a copy of the game, except Gameology, like apparently every other brick and mortar game store, was completely out of copies. So instead she ended up figuring out how to use that german gaming website that neonelephant is fond of and played at least a half dozen games of it on sunday :)

While she was doing that i was playing Dragon Quest Monsters on my DS, and we had the Superbowl on in the background so we could look up for the commercial bits. I want to say that the quality of the commercials was seriously lacking this year, but to be fair we did miss the first half of the commercials at halftime, so perhaps there were some truly excellent ones that would have brought the average up. As it was i saw a couple interesting ones (mainly for movies, in particular i didn't know they were doing a new movie of Escape to Witch Mountain) and a couple kinda amusing ones, and a couple really annoying ones.

I really can't figure out what Pepsi was thinking in particular. What percentage of people are so concerned with being macho that they actually think drinking diet drinks is wussy? And what percentage of that group actually does want to drink diet drinks but is prevented from doing so by their, er, machocentricness? And what percentage of that group is actually going to be convinced that Pepsi's new diet drink is okay despite the tone of the commercial? They then followed it up by another commercial doing a really bad parody of MacGyver. I'm quite happy to laugh at a well done and well intentioned parody of something i like. This was neither. Another total failure was the anti-drug "don't be an asterisk" ad. I'm sorry, don't be a what??

In any case, there was nothing like, say, the FedEx pigeon commercial. (I have a fairly strong dislike for FedEx after the way the deliveries for the past few packages i've gotten from them were handled, but i have to admit that their commercials are usually pretty good, and i don't think i saw any of them this year.)

And as long as i'm catching up on weekends and such, shelleycat and i went to see the new Underworld movie last weekend. We both thought it was pretty good for the kind of movie it was. I.e. if you liked the first two Underworld movies you'll probably like this one too. The plot actually seemed a bit tighter than Underworld: Evolution, or at least more clear on the first viewing.


Got into work early, and left early. Got home at 4:05, and was out the door on rollerblades at 4:30 :) Just got back a minute or three before 5:45, and went a total of nine miles before the sun had set and it was getting too cool and dark to rollerblade effectively.

I should go to bed pretty soon now, but i'm being bad and snacking a little bit =P