January 7th, 2009

Podcast - EndGameRadio


Apparently 1UP has been sold, which is bad, and in the process a ton of 1UP staff have been fired, which is worse :( The 1UP Show podcast has been definitely terminated, and based on that and the list of people let go i expect all the other podcasts are gone too :( That means no more 1UP Yours or 1UP Retronauts for me *cries* And i'd just started listening to 1UP FM to see if that would be worth adding to the list as well =/

I was really sad when EndgameRadio "died" (they went on a "couple week break" about ten months ago) and was happy to find 1UP Yours and HotSpot (GameSpot's podcast) as replacements (though i still miss the music interludes from EndgameRadio.) Hopefully HotSpot will be around for a long time to come, but developments like this don't give me much hope =/

Anyone have any other interesting and amusing video game podcasts to suggest listening to? :(

Edit: This is supposedly a complete list of all the people "affected" by the sale. The most upsetting to me are still Shane Bettenhausen and Andrew "Skip" Pfister though. And wikipedia has "confirmed" that all the podcasts have been terminated, not just the 1UP Show *cries some more*
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From the JetBlue website: "Please note the actual estimated departure time may not be the actual time that the flight will be leaving since a delayed flight will leave as soon as circumstances allow. It is advisable to be at the airport at the scheduled departure time in case the flight is able to leave before the actual estimated departure time."

My initial reading: "Be sure to show up on time so you don't miss your flight, because if it's leaving late it might leave early." I think there must have been a whole series of people on something good in order to account for both the creation and the use of the "technical" term "actual estimated departure time" =P
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