December 19th, 2008


Knight Rider

I went to TJs for lunch today. There were at least three cop cars in the parking lot, and the only open parking space i saw was next to one of them. I normally do my best to avoid the police (not out of any need of course, just because of a vague paranoia that makes me nervous around them, and then i worry that since i feel nervous i'll look suspicious, and then they'll want to know why i'm acting suspicious, which makes me more paranoid about being around them, etc) but i wasn't willing to park a block away just to avoid being next to a police car. On my way back out to my car the police car was still parked there, and was still empty, but the car was talking to itself :) I guess they forgot(?) to turn off the radio when they left. Or maybe the radios don't have an on/off switch just to make sure they don't accidentally get left off.

TJs is being evil. They've decided that christmas is a good time to put out large displays of chocolate all over the place. I can't argue with their marketing sense though. I walked out with far more chocolate than i can eat in a reasonable amount of time, especially while on a diet =P I'm thinking about putting the diet on hiatus while i'm at home, in which case perhaps i should take some of this bounty home with me to consume :) Or possibly convince my family to eat some of it too :)
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