November 26th, 2008



I should have parked on the roof today! Free car wash! :) I suppose i could still go and move it...

The right two and a half lanes of Sepulveda were flooded on the way into work too. It's very wet out :)

Edit: Also, why do they have the AC on when it's cold and rainy outside? =P


I can't decide if i want to go to Ruin friday night, or if i'll be busy doing stuff at LosCon. This dilemma would be a lot easier to resolve if i actually knew what the options at LosCon were going to be friday night. Two days before the con opens their website still says: "A schedule with days, times and participants will be appearing as soon as everything is finalized." =P I guess the main thing going on after 10 though will be the hall parties and the dance. So it's probably just a matter of parties and dancing with geeky people, or dancing with more people (but less geeky ones) and better music.