November 15th, 2008



I managed to surpass my own expectations again this week and made it down to 182.0 this morning. Which means that since i started trying to lose weight... er, however many weeks/months ago that was, i've now lost about 25 lbs. Unfortunately despite what shelleycat says i haven't really noticed a significant change in my body. My stomach has gotten a little bit smaller, but not an extreme amount and it's clear that's not where most of the 25 lbs came from. Which makes me wonder where _did_ the 25 lbs come from? The changes to the rest of my body, if any, have been even less noticeable than that of my stomach. And how much longer can i keep losing weight without drastically reducing the fat there? =P It still seems like the only places i've got significantly noticeable amounts of fat are my stomach, my ass, and perhaps my chest. It seems unfairly mean of the universe/evolution that those are the last places to lose the weight =P

Anyways, i went to Ruin last night and just got back from rollerblading this afternoon. If i do make it out to Malediction on sunday and then my legs fall off on monday, i'm going to be blaming cwendy41, jmpava, stormfeather and rowr ;)
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