November 10th, 2008



Well i left to go to shelleycat's place saturday night around 6:15, and when i got down to the garage i found that the lock had been changed =P Luckily the manager was in her apartment, and said that the old lock had gotten broken and would no longer close, so she'd had to replace it. She gave me the new key and i continued on my way. I've got to wonder if either me or my garage-mate are doing something horribly wrong. We actually had the exact same problem about 10 months ago, right before i left home for christmas last year.

Anyways, when i got to shelleycat's place we went out to dinner at Claim Jumpers, where i ate way too much food, only partially mitigated by the fact that i hadn't had anything else to eat that day besides carrots. Afterwards we went back to her place and watched Kung-fu Panda, which actually wasn't anywhere near as bad as we'd both been expecting based on the commercials.

On sunday we went to IHOP for brunch, where i thought i ate way too much, but upon some investigation it turns out it was probably only about 1350 calories or so :) It seems that eggs and bacon and sausage don't have as many calories as one might think. Afterwards we watched the first three episodes of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, then took a nap, then watched TrueBlood.

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Also, without going into detail, it's very interesting seeing how the plot has been progressing with TrueBlood. They've stayed pretty faithful to some plot elements and gone totally crazy with others. There are some that i think have been modified very subtly but i can't remember the details from the books well enough to be sure. I probably ought to reread the series, i'm a book or two behind currently as it is anyways. It's kind of disappointing that there are apparently only two episodes left in the season. I'm really not used to the way premium cable channels handle things =P