October 31st, 2008



Damn it! I've got brand new hiking socks for rollerblading (a couple kinds actually,) i'm home at 4:30, and it's the last weekday of DST for about four months.

And after about two weeks of warm and sunny weather it's finally gotten cool and cloudy again :(
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Rollerblading and Halloween

It's really hard to keep up a good head of energy when it's cool and cloudy outside. It's odd, inside a dark building at night is good. Outside on a warm and bright day is good. Outside on a cool cloudy day not good. Clearly only half my personality is goth, at best =P

The thick hiking socks and reducing the straps on the rollerblades by a notch or two seems to have helped at least somewhat. I should probably take a break from rollerblading next week to make sure my ankle is okay for Wumpskate though anyways. Not that avoiding rollerblading after DST is going to be a chore exactly =P

There was some kind of trick-or-treat street party thing going on in the village. the street was roped off from the three way stop sign to at least the next street, and the whole block was swarming with families and especially little kids in costumes. It made navigating on rollerblades a bit tricky =P I stopped by Casa Playa on the way back for food and they were pretty busy. (And they screwed up my change. And they forgot my chips =P) It's too bad i didn't have my camera with me. I'd actually thought about bringing it along, but decided there would be better days for pictures, like weekends when the sun is out.

Oh yeah, one big lap, two small ones, 11.5 miles.