October 22nd, 2008



Due to not doing anything other than get ready for work this morning i actually managed to walk out the door 34 minutes after i got out of bed :)

Of course that doesn't reflect well on all the times i do get distracted and end up being delayed till an hour after i get up, or more likely two hours, and occasionally even more =P It's also a little disappointing that even without any serious distractions i still spent 13 minutes in the shower =P

Buying stuff

neonelephant and i went to GameStop and TJs for lunch today. It turns out that TJs has stopped selling Monster drinks, which makes me very sad :( Especially since i was depending on them for a caffeine fix for lunch =P Now my options are reduced to 7-11 (very convenient and very expensive) and Costco (very inconvenient and very cheap.) It was nice having a middle option.

I've been debating for awhile about getting Civilization Revolution and if so what platform i should get it for, the options being DS or PS3. The people on the two main video game podcasts i listen to were very enthusiastic about the game a couple months ago, and in fact several of them were particularly happy with the DS edition. However the two video game sites that i usually check for reviews both gave the DS version about a half step lower in the review (9.0 vs 8.5 and A vs A-). This wouldn't be particularly notable if the podcasts i was listening to weren't being made by the people from those two websites :) Anyways, i went into GameStop trying to decide whether to get Civilization Revolution for the DS or wait till i got a PS3, and whether i wanted to get Disgaea DS instead. So of course i ended up buying both of them =P I did at least manage to resist also getting FF4 and FF Tactics 2 for DS :)

Edit: Oh yeah, and when i asked the register person about the lack of Monster drinks on the shelves she A: confirmed their discontinuation and B: complained about it herself :) Apparently being popular with both the staff and the customers (or at least some of them) wasn't enough to keep them in stock =P


Despite having made no further progress on my decision to buy a PS3 i keep looking at LittleBigPlanet videos from time to time. (I think it was supposed to be out today before the one week delay?) Of course the coolest thing about it is all the levels that other people have made (like the working calculator or the level that plays the "To Zanarkand" song) However Sony has (of course) put out its own videos to advertise the game. Some of them are really cool, and as expected they're put together a little better than the fan made videos on YouTube :)

There are two "Life in LittleBigPlanet" videos (Part 1 and Part 2) that are made to mimic nature documentaries, particularly of the Steve Irwin ilk. (I think they're narrated by Stephen Fry, the person who did the voice acting for the game.) It looks like there will also be at least a Part 3 at some point, though it hasn't shown up on the Playstation YouTube channel yet. There are also a couple commercial like things on there though, like "Making Fun", "Dream" (which has a cute ending) and "Sackzilla."

Okay, i think i've done enough unpaid advertising now for a game i don't even own yet on a system i don't even own yet :)