October 18th, 2008


And some days...

Today was a very... mixed day for rollerblading. This was the first time i'd gone rollerblading in about three weeks i think, aside from Wumpskate, and my ankle didn't start hurting again! Yay! It was also the first chance i had to use the wrist weights and they seemed to work pretty well. They make me feel much more inclined to swing my arms around, the same way that wearing boots makes me feel like being stompy when going clubbing.

However part of that may be that i decided to start out with the straps a little looser than usual so they wouldn't be pinching my ankles as much. I figured i would slowly try tightening them up a bit at a time to see what happened. However almost immediately after starting i managed to do something weird. Somehow while turning around i think i managed to catch the snap-like thing for one blade on the snap-like thing of the other, and they both sustained damage. The left one had a little bit break off, the right one had about half of it break off and the strap somehow got jammed. I can't see how it's jammed, there doesn't seem to be anything obstructing it, but it no longer will go in or out, even when i pry up the remaining half of the catch.

So as i continued on to the because i noticed that, duh, the right blade was very loose. But of course i was unable to follow my plan as things were, so i tightened up the left one but was forced to keep the right one loose, to the point where it almost seemed like it would be at risk of coming off my foot if i tried to exert myself too much =P

So after a little under an hour of skating along the beach i was feeling pretty tired. I'm not sure if that was because i'd gotten out of shape, or because of the extra five pounds i was moving. I probably would have kept going anyways, but i was also starting to notice a blister-like feeling on my left heel, and after the ankle experience i was a little more inclined to quit then rather than pushing my luck. I also wanted to get back to my apartment in time to clean up a little before shelleycat showed up. So i called it quits after just nine miles (counting the trip back.)

When i got home i still wasn't able to figure out how to get the right clasp/strap to unjam, but luckily that blade was just loose enough that i was able to slowly pry it off my foot.

So i guess now my options are to try and get the claps things replaced/fixed, or buy some entirely new blades =P